Our equipment

Main equipment

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Machine factory

Name Maker Number Spec
3D processor MVR48/59D MHI 1 8000X5900×3050H AT 5°
MPC36100B TOSHIBA MACHINE 1 10500X4400X3150H AT 5°
MVR32/34 MHI 1 11600×4000×2250H AT90°
MVR30/32 1 6200×3200×1650H AT5°
MVB27/18 1 6000×2760×1350H AT90°
MVB24/15 1 4200×2400×1350H AT90°
Side boring machine MAFRS150B 1 11000(8400)×3000×1500(R/T)×900 X(6500+1900) ATC
MAFRS150B 1 16000(11815)×3000×1000(R/T)×900 X(+3275-8540) ATC
KBT11WDX・A KURAKI 1 2000×1500×1450(R/T)×650 ATC
KBT13FDX・A 1 3000×1700×1600×650 ATC
Turningn centre TMS1-32/70N O-M Ltd. 1 φ7000×3000Z ATC
TMS2-20/40 1 φ4000×2700Z
TM2-16N 1 φ2000×1600Z ATC
Drilling machine DR-2000 OHKUMA 1 2000*1900
DR-3000 OHKUMA 1 3000*2200
Engine latheMAZAKU-34 YAMAZAKI 1 φ870*1500L
Presetter   KURODA 1  
traveling crane
    1 50/15t
    5 30/15t、30/10t

Programming room

Name Maker Number Spec
CAD/CAM Mastercam 1  
Softech 1  

Plate factory

Name Maker Number Spec
Crank press   1 200t
Pipe beveling machine Sanriku 1 500A
Pipe bender   1 2
Welding positioner   1 2t
Bending roller Kanzaki 1 25mmx3200
Unit worker Takeda 1 UW-45A
Facing machine HATARI 1 1550X1550
Rotary planer Daido 1 3000X8000
Sawing machine Nicotech 1 SCH-25FA
Sawing machine Amada 1 H-750HD
Sawing machine Amada 2 H-650HD
Manipulator Universal 1 3000X4000
Radial drilling machine OOYA 1 RE3-2500
Shot blast Sinto 1 250X250X250
NC gas / Plasma cutting machine KOIKE SANSO 1 TECHNOGRAPH-DXI(4500)G/P
NC cutting machine TANAKA 1 KT-570V
Automatic beveling machine SHINX 1 VX-1500
Hydraulic press Fukui 1 2000t
Turning roller   10 30t、20t、10t、5t
Overhead traveling crane   2 30t
Overhead traveling crane   12 10t.5t.2.8t
Goliath crane   9 10t.5t.2.8t
Welding positioner   3 3t、1t、0.5t
CO2 welding machine Pana, DAIHEN 51 350A,500A,600A
TIG welding machine Pana, DAIHEN 7 350A,500A(AC/DC)
Arc stud welding machine DAIHEN 2 MRN-1200
Air plasma DAIHEN 7 A-50,A-60,A-70,A-80
Digital camera 3D instrumentation system Yokogawa 1  

The third factory

Name Maker Number Spec
Goliath crane・Overhead traveling crane   11 10t.5t.2.8t

Sayo factory

Name Maker Number Spec
FABB-DECK production line   1  
Overhead traveling crane   5 4.8t、2.8t

Headquarters Quality Assurance Department

Name Maker Number Spec
Hydraulic machinery   3 200kg/c㎡。100kg/c㎡
Equipment for detecting metal fatigue      
Ultra supersonic FD410S   1  
Flaw detector   1  
CAD/CAM SolidWorks 1  
3D printer   1  
Accredited qualifications
  • Manufacturing license for Class-1 pressure vessels. / DOL
  • Manufacturing license for Class-1 pressure vessels. / ABS BV
  • Manufacturing license for Class-2 pressure vessels. / NK LRS ABS BV
  • Manufacturing JIS pressure vessels.
  • Manufacturing plant for FABB-DECK

Qualified personnel